The Kosher Kitchen

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A master Teacher of Halachah presents complex subjects with clarity and accuracy. The Essential Book for Every Jewish Home. One of the central tenets of Judaic thought is: We are what we eat. By eating food that is not kosher or that has not been prepared according to halachah, we transgress many of the most serious prohibitions of the Torah, and we compromise our spiritual integrity as well. Rabbi Binyomin Forst is a master at explaining halachah in a readable, understandable, and practical manner. In The Kosher Kitchen he explains the basic principles of kashrus and their practical ramifications, showing us how to avoid problematic situations and how to recognize halachic questions and ask them correctly. Among the many topics discussed: * A utensil-by-utensil overview of the kitchen * The special status of parve foods in halachah * Common kashrus problems - recognizing, avoiding, and dealing with them * Microwaves, ovens and dishwashers * Non-Jewish housekeepers and cleaning help * The parameters of Pas Akum, Chalav Akum, and Gevinas Akum * Kashering utensils * A comprehensive "tevilah" chart showing which utensils need immersion The Kosher Kitchen: Practical. Comprehensive. And absolutely vital.