2 Pack Aluminum Disposable Candle Holders-80 Count

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  • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you looking for a mess saver, a candelabra saver and of course a time saver? If you do not want to constantly scrape wax off your beautiful candle holders we offer the solution. Our product will deliver the best results.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: These heavy disposable candles are made of aluminum foil. Having a deep and strong base makes them great for keeping your candlesticks or candelabra neat and clean. You can use them many times without worrying about the difficult removing of candle wax.
  • MULTI USE: The aluminum candle holders are the best choice for your taper or Shabbat candles. They go wonderfully with silver or colored holders. Our product not only keeps the wax from running down the sides and onto the table but also works very well as a decorative piece.
  • DISPOSABLE: These candle holders are strong and look very good. Being robust you can enjoy their utility as long as you can. When your candles are dripping you can give these holders away or recycle them. They will always make a beautiful impression when displayed.
  • CONVENIENT: Now you can arrange your tables with candle holders without having to worry about damaging the wooden surface. These disposable candle holders are so great that you don’t need to clean the wax anymore. Your candelabra will look clean and beautiful. All these are now possible and at the best price.