Talit Katan with Black and White Stripes made of Wool

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Talis Katan Wool Avodas Yad 1 hole at each corner for the tzisis strings. Round reinforced neck opening The talis Koton is 100% wool. There is no question and no rabbis argue against the fact that a Jew has a mitzvah required by the Torah to have Tzizis stings on the corners of 4 cornered wool garments when a Jew wears them. This is in contrast to all other materials. Avodos yod means that the Tzizis strings are hand made for the name of the Mitzvah of Tziziis. This is a requirement according to many Rabbis and is unquestionably a better Mitzvah. The size is 24"x 24" without the neck hole area. This meets several of the possible minimum sizes of the Chazon Ish. There are decorative black stripes that show through many shirts and shows that you are proud to be reminded of the commandments.